Wisconsin Boxing

Our mission in Wisconsin is to positively impact aspiring athletes both male and female by providing them with guidance to achieve a higher performance while developing personal discipline, a sense of community pride and involvement and strength of character through the sport of amateur boxing

*Students will be eligible for the scholarship after you have completed your first semester of college.

*Application deadline will be September 30th to be dispersed on January 10th after first semester transcripts have been submitted.

​*Applicants must have a 2.0 GPA or better to be eligible.

​*Applicants must be enrolled full-time.

*Applicants must have attended and weighed-in to compete at a minimum of 5 boxing shows throughout the year.  One of the five shows must be a USA Boxing tournament.

*Applicants must submit a copy of their passbook to prove their participation in the required shows.

​*The total scholarship fund will be $500.00.

​*The scholarship amount awarded to each qualified applicant will be divided equally between the applicants who qualify for the scholarship by meeting the above requirements.

Wisconsin LBC Scholarship


Scholarship Application

My name is Luis Feliciano, the athlete representative for the Wisconsin LBC, and I’m here to provide some information on a great scholarship that will be available for boxers in our LBC who want to attend school. I believe that school is an important necessity for all athletes so they can have something to rely on whether they want to continue in the sport at a higher level or to pursue a career or occupation. I’ve been attending Marquette since 2011 and I am to graduate in 2015. Attending school was one of the best choices I made to not only educate myself and pursue a career for security but to also grow as an individual. Now boxers in our LBC can receive some financial help with this scholarship. If you are a boxer of our LBC and are thinking of attending school, please apply for this scholarship. These are the requirements: