Wisconsin Boxing

Our mission in Wisconsin is to positively impact aspiring athletes both male and female by providing them with guidance to achieve a higher performance while developing personal discipline, a sense of community pride and involvement and strength of character through the sport of amateur boxing

April 11, 2015, Dr. John Bryant Center, Racine, Wisconsin

Sr. Men Novice, 165# (Matched Bout)
    Christopher Rosales, Kenosha BC    pts    Jimmy Garcia, SSPO Rincon BC
Sr. Men Novice, 141#
    Manuel Zuniga, Racine BC        pts    Jonathan Taizan, UCC
Sr. Men Novice, 178#
    Marquise Ely, Moreland BC        TKO    Javonta Walker, Golden Touch BC
Sr. Men Novice, 201#
    Michael Sanapaw, MIBC        pts    Leon Reyes, Golden Touch BC
Sr. Men Open, 132#
    Lorenzo Rosales, UCC            pts    Marco Briceno, Kenosha BC
Sr. Men Open, 152#
    Antonio Mahkimetas, MIBC        pts    Marcus Johnson, Ford’s Gym
Sr. Men Open, 152#
    Christopher Kimble, UCC        pts    Danny Torres, Supreme Hits BC
Sr. Men Open, 165#
    Jesus Torres, Supreme Hits BC    pts    Jerome Lambert, Racine BC
Sr. Women Novice, 152# (Matched Bout)
    Cayleigh Holland, Unattached    pts    Megas Maupin, Unattached


 JO Sr.   114#  Carlos Pedila, UCC  def  Ernest Chaves. Golden Touch

JO Peewee  75#  Lucas LaBuguen, Chub’s def Christian Martinez, Golden Touch

Senior O 132#      Marco Briceno, Kenosha  def  Daniel Castilo, Medina

JO Sr. 125#  Landon Fischer, Chub’s def  Andy Cervantes, All Star Boxing

JO Inter 101# Lexis Trivante, Golden Touch TKO LeslieGambon, All Star  BC

Senior N  141# Samuel Bryant, Medina def Noel Munoz, UCC

Senior N 152#  Andres Lopez, Underground def Yuvraj Martinez, Patriots

JO Sr. 114# Angel Martinez, Patriots def  Cody Sullivan, WI Rapids

Senior N HVY  Daniel Munoz, UCC  def  Curtis Iverson, Patriots

Wisconsin's Team Trophy Winner

United Community Center-Milwaukee, WI

Wisconsin State Senior Tournament October 25th and 26th

Olivia Hendrickson     Medina BC     112#     Youth Women Open     UnOpposed
Tatyana McCool    Ada Park BC    141#     Youth Women Open    UnOpposed
Alexis Arteaga    U.C.C. BC     152#     Youth Women Open     UnOpposed
Chayanne Carroll     Community BC   165#     Youth Women Open   UnOpposed
Braulio Meraz     U.C.C. BC     145#     Youth Men Open    UnOpposed
Anthony Lerma     Chubs BC     165#     Youth Men Open    UnOpposed
Jacob Waltemate     Community BC    178#     Youth Men Open     UnOpposed
Esai Arenas     Kenosha BC    114#     Youth Men Novice     UnOpposed
Yuvraj Grewal     Golden Touch BC   141#     Youth Men Novice    UnOpposed
Jordan James     Al Moreland BC     201+#     Youth Men Novice     UnOpposed
Kiana Turner     Golden Touch BC    141#     Senior Women Open   UnOpposed
Dominique Barrios  Golden Touch BC   141#     Senior Women Novice UnOpposed
Kimberlee Casiano   U.C.C. BC     152#    Senior Women Novice  UnOpposed
Samantha Staton    Lake Cty. BC     178#    Senior Women Novice  UnOpposed
Diamond Campbell   UWSP BC     178+#    Senior Women Novice   UnOpposed
Marco Briceno    Kenosha BC    132#     Senior Men Open     Champion
Deonte Wilson    Supreme Hits BC    141#     Senior Men Open     UnOpposed
Rakeem Overall Boxing for Boxers BC 152#     Senior Men Open     Champion
Christopher Ousley    Fords Gym     165#     Senior Men Open     Champion
Daniel Munoz     U.C.C. BC     178#     Senior Men Open     Champion
Jeremiah Newberry   Wis. Rapids BC    201#     Senior Men Open     UnOpposed
Stephen Heywood    McGarry's BC    201+#     Senior Men Open     UnOpposed
Erick Velazquez     U.C.C. BC     123#     Senior Men Novice    Champion
Brian Guzman    Fords Gym    132#     Senior Men Novice    Champion
Solomen Oquendo   Final Round BC    141#     Senior Men Novice    Champion
​Domingo Munoz    U.C.C. BC     152#    Senior Men Novice     Champion
Omar Gonzalez    U.C.C. BC     165#     Senior Men Novice    UnOpposed
Jake Wayka    M.I. BC    178#     Senior Men Novice    UnOpposed
Jason Patterson    Golden Touch BC   201#     Senior Men Novice     UnOpposed
Julian Newell     Aurora BC     101#     Junior Male Open    Champion
Angel Martinez    Rockford BC    106#     Junior Male Open    Champion
Mauro Guerrero    Scottsdale BC     110#     Junior Male Open     UnOpposed
Cody Sullivan     Wis. Rapids BC     114#     Junior Male Open     UnOpposed
Ernesto Flores Kenosha BC 125# Junior Male Open Champion
Tim Schroeter    Community BC    145#     Junior Male Open     UnOpposed
Lexie Tirado    Golden Touch BC   101#     Junior Female Open    UnOpposed
Juanita Chavez    Golden Touch BC  119#     Junior Female Open    UnOpposed
Ernest Haines Jr.    Al Moreland BC     65#    Bantam Male Open    Champion

Wisconsin State Silver Gloves Tournament 11/1/14

70# Marcos Skenadore , MIBC     def.    Santos Colorado, Golden Touch (Championship bout)
75# Lucas LaBuguen, Chub’s Gym               def.       Christian Martinez, Golden Touch
75# Fernando Jimenez, UCC         def.      Trevion Carothers, Golden Touch
90# Derrik Gonzalez, Golden Touch           def.       Jason Komanekin, MIBC (Championship bout)
90# Lorenz Jordon, MIBC                def.       Armani Hill, Soaring Eagle
90# Ricardo Gonzalez, Golden Touch       def.        Ryan Taiski, Golden Touch
106# Tyler Komanekin, MIBC        def.      Ernest Chavez, Golden Touch (Championship bout)
132# Ernesto Flores, Kenosha           def.       Christopher Colon, UCC (Championship bout)
139# Roberto Rosales, UCC         def        . Leon Peters, MIBC
178# Pason Waupoose, MIBC       def.      Patrick Rooney, UCC

30 October 2014

108# Jose Rodriguez def. Cody Kamenski
141# Diego Gomez def. Yuvie Gerali
114# Carlos Padilla def. Esai Arenas
125# Justin Cordova def. Alfonzo Gomez
141# Henry Cabrera def. Jesse Romani
175# Pat Fray def. Draven Lafayette