Wisconsin Boxing

Our mission in Wisconsin is to positively impact aspiring athletes both male and female by providing them with guidance to achieve a higher performance while developing personal discipline, a sense of community pride and involvement and strength of character through the sport of amateur boxing



Non-Athlete registration:  

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has developed a training program to educate coaches, officials, parents and other adults about the identification and prevention of abuse and misconduct that may occur within sport.  The training focuses on keeping athletes safe from bullying, hazing and sexual misconduct and sexual abuse.  The USOC has made the training mandatory for all non-athlete members of all national governing body sports (all Olympic sports).

USA Boxing has adopted the United States Olympic Committee's SafeSport training materials, which include a series of free online training videos in fourteen subjects. The training videos are approximately 90 minutes long in total. You do not have to complete the videos all in one session.

All USA Boxing non-athlete members are required to complete the SafeSport training. Starting with 2016 memberships, effective November 1, 2015, if you are due to take the training, you will be notified during the registration/renewal process. Your membership will remain pending, and you will not be a current member, until you have completed the SafeSport training. (Click here to be redirected to the training)

Upon completion of the SafeSport training, USA Boxing will be notified and this certification will be added to your USA Boxing membership profile.

Click this link for general information on SafeSport:  http://safesport.org/ 

Non athletes New members must register online and print their conformation/membership card and send it to me to get a blue Officials passbook or a red Coaches passbook.

Non athletes Renewing members only need to print their membership card and tape it inside the front of their passbook. The membership card is available to print once you are notified by email that your background check has cleared. The background check is due every other year and cost an extra $25.

Your passbook is a record verifying the competition you work and the clinics you attend. Please keep it in a safe place; it is required that you bring it to all events to verify you are both registered and certified before you will be allowed to work the event.

NOTE: You need your User ID and Password to get into your account to print so please keep it on file!

New athletes must register online, print the confirmation page & membership card; send it to the registration chair with a copy of their birth certificate or passport, & 1 picture. The registration chair will send the completed passbook back through the mail.

Renewing athletes must register online, print your membership card and tape it in your passbook where the label used to go. They are instantly registered, nothing to mail back and forth.

Lost passbook: If an athlete looses their passbook, there will be a $20 charge to get a new one through the registration chair. Again, this is a history of your competition, verified only by the passbook. Please keep it in a safe place, and you must have it with you to participate in any USA Boxing sanctioned event.

Registration fees: The following is a breakdown of the WI LBC registration fees

Athletes         $63       ($50-USAB, $10-WI, $3-webpoint)

Non Athlete   $80       ($70-USAB, $7-WI, $3-webpoint)

Background  $25       (every other year)

Clubs            $205       ($175-USAB, $27-WI, $3-webpoint)

Sanctions    $353       ($300-USAB, $50-WI, $3-webpoint)

*All prices include the $3.00 online processing fee. Background checks are required every two years.

​New and Renewing Club memberships: Club memberships expire on December 31, 2016. Liability insurance does not become effective until the date on which the club renews its membership. To ensure continuous insurance coverage, the club must register for 2017 prior to January 1.

New and Renewing Clubs may submit their registration online beginning November 1, 2016.

Sanctions and Certificates of Liability: Sanctions and Certificates are done online. You must be a registered club to apply for a sanction. Remember - Sanction dates must be approved by Jaime Loudbear to be confirmed on the LBC calendar before you apply for your sanction online.

​Sanction Cancellation Refund Policy: Written notification of cancelled event must be received within seven (7) days of the original sanction date to receive an 80% refund of the sanction fee. A new sanction application and fee will then be required if the event is rescheduled. If notification of cancelled sanction is received after the seven (7) day notice period the sanction fee will be retained by USA Boxing

Participant Accident Insurance Coverage: The coverage for the sports accident insurance remains the same at $25,000 per covered injury. The deductibles are $1,000 per injury for athletes with primary healthcare coverage and $2,500 per injury for athletes that use USA Boxing’s policy as their primary coverage. The insurance provider continues to be Federal Insurance Company (formerly named CHUBB). Injury claim forms are available on the website in the online registration section.


OFFICIAL and COACH PASSBOOKS: USA Boxing will continue to require officials and coaches to carry updated passbooks to be eligible to participate in USA Boxing sanctioned events.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Jaime or Anna. Thier contact information is located on the Board of Directors page.